Integral Climate Change Solutions (ICCS) endorses SeaTribe Charters

ICCS are a global team of integral design thinkers who reflect the patterns of life into design and execution to deliver scalable models of sustainable development that represent the real economy, without externalities. Integral Climate Change Solutions was launched in response to the urgent need to promote integral design into development projects, from small private developments to ones covering issues of strategic national importance, such as coastal erosion. ICCS works closely with clients and takes the time to engage with all stakeholders to ensure full buy-in and value for all. We have a close relationship with the UNESCO Chair for Sustainability and the Earth Charter Institute and are forging relationships with other pan-national organisations.

ICCS commends SeaTribe in manufacturing a wooden sailing catamaran that is 85% ‘green’ and purpose built for long-range exploration and chartering around the Seychelles Inner and Outer islands.

There is a growing need for operations such as this to both facilitate scientific research in context of climate change awareness and environmental sustainability; and also promote eco-tourism around this context.

We are aware that the Seychelles Islands are shining examples of ecology and conservation to the global community and therefore wish SeaTribe every success in their endeavours. 

If required we will assist SeaTribe as ICCS works closely with Governments, municipalities, businesses and communities which are enablers and participants in integrated solutions for climate change awareness.

SeaTribe Charters ICCS Endorsement