SeaTribe Charters can support research, training and conservation expeditions that build knowledge and awareness of our oceans and contribute to important decision-making and to inform management policies.

Yacht Valerie is a multi-purpose long-range catamaran and can be deployed as an expedition vessel offering a unique and comfortable platform for marine research, scientific training and conservation.

She can be used as a capable deployment platform for standard marine research instruments and equipment such as ROVs, CTD, plankton nets, sonar and echo-sounders, BRUVS, and sediment grab samplers, as well as providing a good platform for diver surveys and deck-based observational studies.

She is suitable for oceanographic and benthic research as well as training in offshore marine science techniques. She has a fuel range of over 3000 NM, and can stay at sea comfortably for 30 days. She is equipped with  a water-maker, satellite communications and a 15ft dinghy with 8Hp outboard.

Valerie is able to sail in shallow waters, can be beached and has all the facilities and safety equipment to be able to be self sustaining in remote areas whilst still offering the luxury living of a fine hotel.

The range under power is over 1200 nautical miles but due to the boat being capable of sailing in very light winds there is seldom a time when the engines are required.

The vessel Valerie has been built with the latest technology of Electronics, Navigation, Weather Forecasting & Navigation. For guests peace of mind & safety there is a full satellite phone service with satellite tracking so that their family & friends are able to track them live at all times. Messages & emails are able to be sent from any location. The vessel is also equipped with Radar & AIS ( Automatic Identification System) where she can be tracked on a number of Ship tracking websites.

It is also self sustainable for long periods with eight to ten people onboard. A range under power of 2000 kms & 100 litres/hour water-maker with an array of solar panels makes this boat ideal for its purpose.

The Schenker water maker is the latest low energy model that has recently been released onto the world market & has a patented double flow system which produces 100 litres of water per hour.

Our vessel can provide a platform for:

  • Research cruises
  • Oceanography
  • Benthic sampling (including sediment grabs and ROV surveys)
  • Depth sonar surveys
  • Seabird and large marine mammal surveys
  • Fish studies (including BRUVS)
  • Scientific diving surveys
  • ROV surveys
  • Conservation & Ocean awareness and advocacy missions
  • Marine science training
  • Documentary film-making
  • Other initiatives or projects that contribute to marine conservation and exploration

Solar power produces most of the Electricity required on the boat & there are two Whisper Picola generators that are designed to substitute the Solar panels when the need arises.

The twin diesel Vetus engines are made by Mitsubishi  and are the latest technology in engine design with very low emissions and fuel consumption. A single engine of 55hp propels the boat at 6-7 knots.

Due to the design of the boat it has exceptional power to weight capability and can  sail in winds as low as 10knots. As a result the engines are only used when docking or when there is no wind at all. In the recent voyage of 2960 nautical a mere 200 litres of diesel fuel was used.

The overall ‘green’ low footprint of this Valerie is approximately 85% off solar & 15% off fossil fuel.

Should you want to book Valerie for an expedition please goto Charter Bookings or alternatively submit an enquiry on our contact us page here.