We have 3 complete dive rigs aboard Valerie and 3 sets of masks and fins. With the Seychelles Islands being such a  pristine marine one can typically dive straight off our catamaran at most of the anchorages along the way.

If you want a more specialised dive experience we can stop off at a prime dive site along the charter route.  This would be at the discretion of the skipper and consensus of all charter guests aboard at the time.

The best times to dive in Seychelles are typically April to May and October to November. This is when generally when you will find the calmest seas and winds. You’ll also get the best visibility on your dives at these times, with up to 30-metre visibility at many sites.

Most dive sites on Mahé which is the largest island are most easily located from Beau Vallon where there are four wreck dives. The most popular wreck dive is the Ennerdale, then there is Twin Barges, the Dredger and the Aldebaran wrecks.

All were sunk deliberately for diving purposes and are fantastic dive sites. The Aldebaran is considered to be the most beautiful due to it being fully intact. All of the wrecks feature fantastic marine life.  The Aldebaran wreck can only be visited by advanced divers as it sits at a maximum depth of 40m.